Hi there, I am
Ma. Jiah Ann E. Amarado



    I am 22 years old, currently living in Culipapa Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental, Philippines,  a persistent college engineering  student who loves to explore and leverage learnings and skills. Flexible enough to adopt changes in a new environment and to deal with different people with their cultures and beliefs. 


      Being an engineering student it is never easy, you have to study hard and smart, and patiently in analyzing and solving every complex problem. Also, I am an active student I involve myself not only in academic activities but also outside, I join different organizations and being elected as an officer, with that I’m proud to say that I can manage everything that I can balance my academic and social life, as a student, as an officer, a friend, a sibling, a daughter, and now as a virtual assistant. 


      Who would have thought that now I am ready to conquer the VA (virtual assistant ) world. I never heard anything about virtual assistant not until recently, this pandemic that my sister introduces it to me, and it inspires me the idea of living in an online business world especially at this certain times that everything is so technology.  I am so grateful that I am now in this new zone of mine, thanks to VAU (Virtualasting Asssitant University) for teaching us such a lifelong skills and learnings. The activities and trainings are so fulfilling, my creative and skills expands more in this journey. 


      This journey of mine made me who I am. A dedicated, persistent and school-life balance student, an artistic, trustworthy, flexible, efficient, and a productive virtual assistant, overall I am a God-fearing person, an obedient daughter and a good girl to everyone. 

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